UrbanMuseum.net is the official home of the “Crypto Urban Punks”!

Crypto Urban Punks” is a collection of 150 unique and rare pixel style NFT characters made as a parody and homage to some of the most famous Latin Urban Music artists, influencers and personalities. Each character is unique and only 1 person in the planet will be able to own it. Collect your favorites and be part of history!

*IMPORTANT: The first 39 “CUP”s have a little surprise, they have been minted with 10 copies, so if you purchase one of the “Crypto Urban Punks” from the #1 to the #39, they all have 10 copies so you pay for 1 and get all 10! Great to share, sell or trade! From the “CUP” 40 to the #150 all are 1 of 1 unique editions. We will drop 10 new characters each week until we reach the 150 total. Produced by Urban Museum and Sandungueo.com.

Crypto Urban Punks” is the 1st Latin Urban music based collection on the Polygon blockchain. Created by “Jorge Sandungueo”, Internationally known producer and pioneer in the Reggaeton music industry and creator of Sandungueo.com and Desahogate.net. “Crypto Urban Punks”(CUP) is not just a unique and rare NFT collection that will increase greatly in value over the years but is also a brand. A brand that will represent the Latin Urban music movement.

Crypto Urban Punks” is directly sponsored and supported by some of the real life artists and personalities represented in the “CUP” collection!

The “Crypto Urban Punks” are priced at a low price so investors and collectors can benefit from sales on the secondary market, this making the “CUP” collection a real investment where you can create good profit on each sale.

There are 150 “Crypto Urban Punks” in the collection. They will be released in series of 10 every week until the full collection has been released to the public. After that many surprises awaits for “CUP” holders and fans!


The future of “Crypto Urban Punks” is very bright and will offer to “CUP” holders and fans:

*Merchandise(really cool ones)

*VIP passes/experiences for Latin Urban music concerts, festivals and other events including “meet and greets”.

*Giveaways for “CUP” holders

*Animated cartoon series on YouTube and Telemundo

*Free airdrops for holders, including very rare and special edition NFTs

*After the initial sale is completeCUP” will donate 10% of the profits to the OHANA Foundation


Keep up to date with everything that happens on the “Crypto Urban Punks” world by following their social media pages:

@cryptourbanpunks on Instagram and Facebook.